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Home to The Ghost Catcher Camera, Paranormal Activity Logger, and The Spirit Light.  These applications are new tools to add to your investigation arsenal.  The idea behind this application is to be able to capture any spectral activity and be able to record and log your findings.  We believe that validation is the MOST important proof you can provide after an investigation.  Go to Our Tools page for full details and descriptions of our current tools in the Android PLAY store.
Keep checking back here for updates in regards application updates, new tools, and site updates.  Please see below for the latest news that is updated frequently.

To ALL users:  Please feel free to email me any activity that has been caught with the camera and I will post it up on our evidence page.  Please include your name, any group you are a part of (if any), and the city and state you are located in.  Please also use .jpg as your photo(s) format and email this to ed@paratools.net.


It has been a very long time since our last update and for that we apologize.  In this time we have released some GREAT tools.  From the professional paranormal investigator to just the enthusiast wanting to explore the unknown.  We are very proud of these releases which are listed below. 

The Ghost Catcher Camera is out now!!
Here is a direct link to the Android Market place
Please leave your feedback on the application as I want to make this the best it can be.  Special thanks to Scott from GHI for field testing this for us.  As Well as www.ghostgadgetguy.com for his support.